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Best Recreational Weed Edibles in Colorado

The 11 Best Edibles in Colorado

Eat this if you want to get high in Colorado

If you asked your dad or your cool aunt what the weed was like back in the height of cannabis prohibition, they would probably tell you about joints, hash, and some sort of homemade edibles like brownies or cookies. And even talking to medical marijuana patients from the early days of MMJ, the only edibles in Colorado  available were sweet treats that weren’t exactly healthy for everyday consumption. Their options were limited, dosage inconsistent, and certainly no lab testing. But those days are gone!

The past has given way to a robust legal cannabis market in many states, spurring innovative ideas that push the boundaries of what we thought possible for a cannabis product. And the edible selection these days is pretty crazy! If you walk into one of our recreational dispensaries in Pueblo, CO or our Trinidad dispensary, you’ll see shelves stocked with some of the very best and most unique edibles in Colorado. From the newest cannabis beverages, to fancy chocolates that look more like art than edible, and low-calorie options, there is truly something for everyone.

If you are looking for the best edibles in Colorado, check out our roundup of favorites below, all available at our Pueblo dispensary and Trinidad recreational dispensary. If there is a cannabis edible on this list you are super excited to try, be sure to give us a call before you head down. We’ll make sure we’ve got it waiting for you!

You don’t have to smoke to experience the Rocky Mountain High. Here, where recreational marijuana is legal, there are plenty of ways to indulge in cannabis that don’t involve a pipe, bong or joint. The edible scene is big, too.

But there go much farther than your skunky green brownies. In Colorado, you can find fine truffles, high-end chocolates, suckers, gummies, drinks, candy and even cannabis-infused butters and oils if you want to try to bake your own loaded dessert.

There are even CBD donuts, Rice Krispie treats, lemonade, muffins, coffee and something like peanut butter. Basically, if you can bake it, you can get baked by it.

Edible advocates tout the option’s discretion; you can take a nibble without drawing much attention, and while some may have a scent to them, most tend to be pretty subtle. Edibles are also popular among some athletes and people who don’t want smoke in their lungs.

Plus, some edibles can be downright delicious.

Not sure what to try? We asked local enthusiasts and budtenders to recommend their favorite cannabis-infused edibles. Here’s their top.

  • Love’s Oven

Love’s Oven is a Denver-based bakery run by a classically trained pastry chef, Hope Frahm, who worked with some of the best restaurateurs out there. Today, she makes high-end, high-quality, all-natural edibles made with locally sourced and organic ingredients, whenever possible.

Shawna Seldon McGregor, a spokesperson for L’Eagle Services in Denver, recommends Love’s Oven’s Purple Hash OG or Super Sour Alien.

“Love’s Oven is amazing product because they offer strain-specific products so you can really dial in your experience,” she says.

She also recommends the 10:1 CBD line.

“Their products are delicious and offer sweet and savory options, from their best-selling baklava to their savory rosemary cheddar crackers,” Seldon McGregor says.

Want to get your hands on some Love’s Oven products? Here’s a map of where you can buy them. At more than 100 dispensaries across Colorado, these goodies are easy to find.

  • Americanna

The popularity of gummies is surging, and so is the company Americanna, which specializes in gummies, made with high-quality sugars. Americanna claimed to be the fastest-growing brand in 2016, and at only a year old.

It also claims to have the “best-tasting gummies in the world.” Try the sweet and sour style for yourself to see.

Bonus: Each gummy is individually infused, so each one has the same amount of THC: 10 milligrams, or 25 milligrams for medical users.

  • CODA Chocolate Truffles

If you have a loved one or a significant other who loves cannabis, but is otherwise hard to shop for, CODA Chocolate Truffles are your new saving grace. These cannabis-infused chocolate truffles are truly a work of art that will impress even the snobbiest of cannabis consumers. CODA took home first place for Best Edible in 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup with these 10 mg morsels. And for good reason! Each truffle is crafted with chocolate made by a celebrated and classically-trained confectioner and then hand painted with edible paint.

You will impress anyone with these. And with flavors like burnt caramel, earl grey, juniper lemon, hazelnut, and tiramisu, you will experience flavor you never even thought possible for a cannabis edible.

  • Dixie Synergy Mints

People love cannabis gummies because they are tasty, a discreet way to ingest, and highly portable. But after a while, you may get bored with the same old flavors and texture. If you find yourself in a gummy-induced rut, it’s time to try these Dixie Synergy Mints. They are just as tasty, portable, discreet, and effective as gummies, but they’ll freshen your breath while you’re at it!

Dixie Synergy Mints are just 5 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD each, so even cannabis beginners can ease in safely. Toss this tin of mints in your purse, bedside table, or desk drawer and never worry again about how you’ll discreetly dose throughout the day!

  • Best Low-Dose Edibles

Want to start super slow? GroundSwell Cannabis Boutique in Denver recommends these low-dose edibles for travelers and new consumers:

travelers and new consumers:

Sweet Grass Kitchen chocolate chip cookies

Those previously mentioned Dutch Girl Stroopwaffles

Stillwater tea

Mountain High Suckers

Before You Try Edibles, Read This
There are some warnings to consider before you pop a cannabis snack. Mainly, edibles enter the bloodstream differently than, say, a bong hit and can take a surprisingly long time to take effect. This often leads to newbies taking another bite and then getting higher than they had desired.

Ask your “budtender” at the dispensary where you shop for dosage advice. It’s best to start weak, around 5 to 10 milligrams. It could kick in as soon as 30 minutes, but it could also take up to two hours. Wait it out before you take another dose.

Always read the labels and dosing. A similar-looking product, even by the same brand, may have different dosing. It may also affect you differently from one day to the next, due to what you’ve eaten that day or how you are feeling. Jet lag, hunger and exhaustion can all play a role, and those are all common factors with travel.

Also, make sure you know Colorado’s laws about recreational cannabis consumption. You are only allowed to possess a certain amount at once, and that goes for edibles, too. You also can only consume cannabis legally if you are 21 or older, just like alcohol.

Also, always keep edibles away from children and pets. They can be mistaken for candy.

The Quickest Edible High
If you want a quicker high without the smoke, ask about sublingual edibles. You place these under your tongue and when they melt, they directly move into the bloodstream, rather than having to make it all the way through your GI tract, like with food. An example of this kind of edible is a L’Eagle drop, containing 100 mg of THC. Drop it in tea or coffee. It comes in “cinnamint,” vanilla mint and tangerine flavors.

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